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Office game

Do you want to introduce or encourage process thinking in your organisation? Do you want to motivate your process owners to map and optimize their business processes? Then this game is the perfect start!

This business simulation is an experiential training where participants process customer orders in a fictive company. Each participants takes on a role, such as sales, warehouse and customer service. Everyone receives work instructions for his or her role (just like in real life where you receive the information about how to do your job from your colleagues). Throughout the game, typical inefficiencies of an office environment are highlighted.

Participants gradually discover how minor adjustments can lead to significant optimisations. On the other hand, it becomes apparent that proposed optimisations do not always have the intended effect, which emphasises that optimizing your business operations is an iterative process.

While playing the game, participants discover what a process is, and they learn how important it is to understand a process and to optimise it.

The game encourages critical thinking about your processes and lets participants reflect whether changes to the process bring the expected added value.

The office game serves as the perfect introduction to grow towards a process-oriented organisation. By generating enthusiasm among participants for the concept of enterprise architecture, a rapid kickstart for a broader trajectory within your organisation becomes possible.



  • Number of participants: 6 to 8 people
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Language: English or Dutch

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