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Digital projects

Are you struggling with questions or uncertainties regarding your digital project? Our experts provide the right support to extract maximum value from your project. Evolynx supports you as an independent partner both during the preparation and implementation, even up to the delivery of your project.

A flying start!

Successfully completing a digital project is not straightforward. From our experience, we are aware of the major stumbling blocks during digital projects:

  • insufficient preparation
  • lack of focus
  • differences in jargon, both internally and between yourself and your IT partner

We ensure optimal preparation, and throughout the entire process, we support you in your relationship with your IT partner. We make sure that you know at all times what is expected of you and what you can expect from the IT partner.


Our approach



To transition from the current situation, the "AS IS," to the desired future situation, the "TO BE," a thorough journey must be undertaken. We start with good preparation to facilitate a smooth transition.



During the preparation, our focus is not on the software but on the current processes. We delve into why certain things are the way they are and indicate, based on our experience, where improvements are possible. If desired, we also take the first steps towards enterprise architecture.

We also look to the future: where do we want to take the organization? How do we want to organize our processes? Together with the AS IS analysis, this forms the basis for drafting software requirements. The requirements may be used to choose suitable software, but they primarily form the basis of the project scope: what will we achieve?

If no software and/or IT partner has been chosen yet, we also assist you in that search so that you select the most suitable software and partner based on the right criteria.


During the implementation of your digital project, we pay attention to change management at every stage. This helps create a global consensus for the new way of working.

Throughout the project, we connect your business, your IT department, and your IT partner.

We assist in the following steps:

  • During the blueprint workshops, we challenge the proposed solution of the IT partner. We ensure that both the business, your own IT team, and the partner understand each other and the solution.
  • We support the preparation of data migration to transform your current data into the new format and load it into the new system.
  • To thoroughly validate the developed solution of the IT partner, we assist you in the formulation of end-to-end test scenarios.
  • The IT partner usually operates on the principle of "train the trainer". We help your trainers in creating and organizing training sessions to prepare all end-users for the new software."

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