Do you have the feeling that your business and IT is not aligned? Does the business understand where IT is doing? And vice versa: does your IT department understand what the business is doing and what they need in order to continue growing?

Do you recognize sayings like: "IT? I'm not asking anything to them anymore, they never deliver and not for my department", "Those guys from IT? They are always late to deliver and if they do, it's not what we asked for or need", or "The business? They always change their mind, they don't know what they want".


Yes? Then starting to map your enterprise architecture will help you. In enterprise architecture, we go a step further than only modeling the business processes. We also map your master data and your applications, when appropriate we even drill down to the level of infrastructure and model your network, devices, etc. When you have insight in these four core elements:

  • business
  • data
  • applications
  • infrastructure

you create transparency in your company. On it's turn, transparancy leads to respect and recognition for what the other departments are doing. While mapping your enterprise architecture, the problem areas in your company will become clear, and this both on business as on IT level.

We are only missing one crucial fact to be able to grow efficiently as a company and it's the strategy of the company (actually... the people and culture of your company are as important...). By also mapping your strategy in a consistent and coherent way, projects can be linked to the strategy the project will help to realize. This way, you get a better insight in your project portfolio and which projects really matter. Thanks to the mapping of your enterprise architecture, your company is able to analyse the impact of changes at the start (or even before the start) of the project. You will be much more prepared and will be able to finish more projects in a succesful way: within the scope, budget and time.

We like to help you to start the enterprise architecture initiative within your company and again, we spend enough time and resources on the governance of enterprise architecture. You must be able to independently maintain and further develop the practice of enterprise architecture. You can count on us to analyse your application landscape and implement applicaction rationalisation when needed. We can also help you with the implementation of a project portfolio management system, to make sure your people work on those projects with the biggest added value for the company.